You Want To Become A Successful Freelancer? You Must Do These 4 Things

Freelancing is gaining more popularity and relevance, especially during this period of the corona pandemic that has affected the physical human day-to-day interactions, and the traditional ways of doing work across the globe.

Many companies and the business now know the importance
freelancing while many individuals who were seeking freedom and other streams of income now opt-in for freelancing as the fastest, easiest, and more rewarding option.

Freelancing is very rewarding and many skilled people are making good money rendering their services to companies, small and large businesses, or individuals.

Due to some of these benefits of freelancing, many people are registering on freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc., in order to begin to make money for themselves while enjoying the freedom of working from work.

There are massive opportunities in freelancing. If you are considering the freelancing route, then consider these four tips that will help you in this freelancing journey.

Update Your Skill

This here is crucial. basically, your skill is your most important tool as a freelancer. It is your skill you exchange form money. That being said, updating your skill must be your topmost priority if you want to remain relevant, retain a client, or get a good review for a job done.

It doesn’t matter what you do — graphic designing, writing, web designing, structural designing, animation, voice-over, etc., it’s your duty to be top of your game by always learning how to use new tools in your industry, familiarizing with the industry standard of practice.

How To Update Your skills

  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Enroll for free or paid courses
  • Read books about your field, etc.

Have A Portfolio

Your portfolio is proof of your expertise. Without an archive of your successfully completed jobs, it might be difficult to get hired by a client, especially when you are new to freelancing.

Clients who need your services want to know how good you are. Your portfolio is an assurance they need that their jobs are in safe hands.

It is even more important as a newbie on a freelancing community to provide a portfolio of your past projects when applying for a job your interested in.

Tips On How To Create A Portfolio

  • Own a blog as a writer
  • Be a guest writer on other people’s blog
  • Own a website
  • Have a list of all the websites you built as web-developer
  • Have a list of applications you built as an app developer
  • Save your designs, projects as PDFs that can be shared
  • Save your designs, projects in a folder in Google Drive and other cloud storage and share links with clients, etc.

Promote Yourself and Work

You can’t afford to be silent about what you do as a freelancer. You owe yourself the duty of always showcasing your work.

Ask yourself this. How will potential clients discover you? If you don’t put yourself out there for them to access it will be difficult for them to know how skillful you are and you might end up making little or no money at all.

It is often said that it is not the most competent that gets the job, but the loudest. Have you ever wondered why people less qualified and competent get the best gigs even more than the best brains? It is because most of the time, they keep on promoting themselves and what they do.

Considering all these, you can’t afford to be silent; use every opportunity and platform you have to talk about what you do, and you will be top of the minds of people when the need for your skills arises, giving you a higher chance to be contacted.

Some Ways To Promote Yourself and Work

  • Post about your skills, lessons learned on a job, stories behind every project, etc, on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Organize free online training
  • Write and share e-books, etc.

Always Apply For Freelance Jobs

Don’t just seat down waiting for someone to call you for a job even if you have promoted yourself and what you do. How would you get jobs if you don’t apply for any?

Apply for jobs you know you can do impressively. Also, apply for many jobs as possible to increase your chance of getting one.

Freelancing is a good way to earn money and live a life of freedom. It gives you the opportunity to have more time for your family and to take care of your needs without worrying about running to work early in the morning and coming back late.

These tips will help you in attracting clients, keeping them, and making money in your freelancing journey.




I think, I research, I write.

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David Akeju

David Akeju

I think, I research, I write.

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