Meat Processing and Packaging Business

David Akeju
3 min readSep 13, 2020


There seems to be no industry that caters for the processing and packaging of beef, pork, goat meat etc in Nigeria. This business alone is worth millions of dollars in western countries which also earns huge foreign exchange through exportation.

This business system is very easy and straight forward, nothing complicated. All you need is the right knowledge, clean space and sources of good and healthy animals you wish to process and package for sell.

Luckily for you, you will get the accurate knowledge here.

As earlier mentioned, this business is all about cutting and packaging clean and hygienic meat for people.

Considering the state of the meat market in Nigeria which is dirty and swamped by flies, anyone will be willing to consider an alternative if provided one. The major idea of meat processing and packaging is to provide access to clean and well-packed meat.

You don’t need to own any animal farm. You can start by patronizing farmers around you.

You can start with one or two goats, pigs and selected cow parts to test the market and see how well people will accept the business.

After doing your market trial for some days, then you can now make an informed practical decision whether to expand or maintain the business.

Getting customers is not really going to be a problem. According to the Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing Incentive System for Agriculture, as at 2016, Lagos state residents alone consume 8,000 cattle and small ruminants worth ₦ 1.6 billion “daily”. Not yearly or monthly but every day in a single state.

Nigeria and Ghana pork consumption yearly is worth 3 billion dollars.

That is the potential of the business and by now the demand would have increased and consumption rate sky-rocketed. So there is money in the business.

When planning to start the business you will need to consider a good location with a large population of people.

Ensure that where you kill and dress your animals are very clean and have constant clean water, you would not want flys around.

You will also need a big deep freezer to keep your packaged meat fresh or a makeshift cold room if you can afford one. Make sure you have a standby generator to power your cooling facilities.

If you can’t afford to rent a space and acquire cooling and power machines, you can prepare your meat, package and brand your package with a beautiful label that has your contact details and then you supply to big supermarkets and stores around you. These supermarts will handle the refrigeration and display of your products to many customers.

You will negotiate the price with them and you will get paid according to your agreement. One advantage this has is that apart from the fact that your product will be displayed in a larger platform, those that will buy it can easily contact you through your contact information on your label for special delivery and other major transactions.

Remember that you can sell any meat, based on your environment and what customers are always demanding, e.g pork, beef, goat etc.

The packaging is another thing. You will consider a very good, branded and attractive package for your meat. You can use paper or nylon packaging.

Meat products also include the insides of the meat, such as liver, intestine, cologne etc. These parts can be prepared and packaged separately for special orders.

Creative marketing strategies are key to penetrate the market and send words across about your business. You should consider Facebook and Instagram for social media marketing and a website too. Through these digital platforms, you will definitely get online customers who you will deliver to.

When your business booms, you can now start considering exportation.

N.B Weight scale is important to weigh your product for proper pricing.