Apply These 4 Tricks To Get Regular Tips on Fiverr as a Writer

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I never knew I could get tipped as a writer on Fiverr. I was surprised when a client tipped me the first time. Since then, I have gotten more extra job-well-done cash.

Getting tips goes a long way in boosting your self-confidence.

I have gone through my conversations with clients and the work I delivered and discovered some similar trends that led to the clients willingly paying me extra.

You can apply these techniques as well to get some extra bucks almost always.

Here they are in no particular order.

1. Do an Excellent Job: there is something exciting about excellent services. People naturally appreciate terrific jobs and services, even if they are paying for it. Many people have experienced awful and mediocre services, and so they appreciate quality work.

Appreciation sometimes comes by way of cash. I have learnt that going beyond the expectation of a client sometimes triggers them to let go some extra money.

2. Go an Extra Mile/Write Extra Words: always, clients seeking writing services come with the requirement of the number of words they want a writer to deliver per project. It could be 500,800 or thousands of words. How can you go an extra mile? If a client wants a project of 800 words, for example, you can deliver a thousand words article for him.

However, you don’t have to put yourself under unnecessary pressure to over-deliver. As a writer who is conscious of quality work and always willing to fully express yourself on a topic without holding back anything, you will find yourself over-delivering in most cases. Some clients appreciate this; over-deliver, and you might get extra pay for it.

3. Ask for It: most times, you will come across clients who will ask you to add some extra lines and paragraphs to a completed project. If the client is not asking for grammar and paragraph modification or editing, but asking for additional words, you can also ask for extra cash.

4. Create a Nice Experience: good customer services like replying your chats quickly, being courteous, delivering your jobs in time and more are the small things that matter when it comes moving your clients to appreciate you in cash.

A tip is to be given willingly; as a writer, don’t feel entitled to it. If you are not satisfied with what you are paid for your service, you have the obligation of raising your fees.




I think, I research, I write.

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David Akeju

David Akeju

I think, I research, I write.

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