Agrotourism: A Means Of Attracting Visitors To Your Farm From Far And Near

David Akeju
3 min readAug 3, 2020


Photo by Stijn te Strake on Unsplash

This agribusiness idea is for you if you have an established farming system or a considerably large farm.

Agrotourism is a merger of two words — agro and tourism. Agro, as we know, is anything related to agricultural practices while tourism is all about sightseeing, visits, and travel experience.

Putting the two words together we have a service where people pay a visit to an agricultural establishment, farm or processing plant for the purpose of sightseeing and experiential learning.

This business is relatively new to the Nigerian environment but it is a good source of money if maximized.

If you have visited a zoo, museum, or a popular destination, you will agree that a fee is usually paid before access is granted to you.

This same strategy can be replicated if you have a large farm that has the capacity of attracting visitors from far and near.

Many people have a keen interest in farming practices and would love to see for themselves how it is done. All you have to do is to provide them with what they seek for a fee.

In a city like Lagos, many people both young and old have never seen an ideal farm before. Some have never seen a cashew tree, mango tree, pear tree, orange tree nor pigs pen, goats pen, commercial fish pond, poultry farm, etc. before.

Likewise, many intending farmers are constantly in search of where to gain practical knowledge to begin their own farms. Note that what you are offering these sets of people is access to see how things are done on the farm in real life. It is not a consultation, that is entirely another service you can offer.

To spice things up in order to attract more visitors if you want, you can have a mini zoo of not so popular animals that will not cost you much to acquire. Animals like Ostrich, Monkey, hyena, etc, will serve the purpose. What this strategy will do is to attract kids and you know that anywhere kids are going their parents will be coming along with them.

Many adults that have not seen such animals in real life will visit as well.

You can also build a small relaxation area for people to sit and relax.

There are also some indirect advantages tied to agrotourism.

Your farm visitors can end up buying some of your farm products as they will be fresher than what can be gotten in the market. With this, you have gotten yourself a buying customer.

Also, through word of mouth your farm tourists will advertise your farm to their circle of influence which will lead to more visits and possibly increased patronage.

Your farm will be referred to as a place to gain practical knowledge by up and coming farmers and existing farmers that want to diversify into your area of expertise.

In order to give your tourists the best experience, you must be willing to offer a tour guide service. This is someone who will work around with them, show them things, and answer their questions. You can take up this role or assign one of your experienced farm staff to handle it.

What do you think about this business? Is it something you can take up?