Add Some Sugar

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Growing up, I had friends who trained pigeons.
Back then, I used to wonder how these pigeons got used to their new homes and owners.
How do these birds love their new home after spending just a few days?
I did wonder why they would fly far away to play and still come back to their cages.
It was like they were under a spell because I couldn’t fathom why birds that enjoy freedom and the wild, freely and easily give up what they love for a cage.
I was curious. I needed to know the tricks.
So I asked one of my friends what magical spell he was using to win the hearts of his pigeons.
I was amazed when he told me the secret he and other pigeon keepers used.
According to him, when he buys new pigeons, he would keep them in the cage to prevent them from flying away and then feed them with grains and “special water”.
“Special water”
Instead of giving the pigeons normal water, he added sugar to the water and gave them continuously for a few days.
That was the secret.
It was the sweet water those pigeons fell in love with to the extent that when they were finally set free to fly around, no matter how far away they went when they become thirsty they still went back home because the home was the only place sweet water was served.
And guess what, these pigeons sometimes brought friends home.
As an individual or business owner, what sweet water are you offering to people to make them love you and stay loyal to you?
Whatsoever is sweet will always attract. Try and drop a cube of sugar on the floor and you will be amazed at the number of ants that will visit that spot. If that sugar was discovered by one ant, that ant will go back and call a host of others.
This is the secret of customer acquisition, retention, and growth. If one person is pleased with your product or service, he will be your chief evangelist.
A sweet product, service, and character are stronger than a magnetic force. It never repels but it always attracts.
Go on now and add some sugar to your life.




I think, I research, I write.

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David Akeju

David Akeju

I think, I research, I write.

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